Organic – not just good for the environment!

Organic - not just good for the environment!

Organic producers recognise and understand the long-term impact that farming can have on the environment and global agriculture. Recently, there have been two major stories suggesting an imminent crisis in global agriculture. Firstly, we heard from Bioversity International that 12 major crops – including potatoes, coffee and chocolate – may become extinct in the not too distant future.  Then, we heard that, as a result of producing food for livestock, the world is on track to lose two-thirds of its wildlife in the next two years.


As a result of the continuous wave of environmental disasters and the ever-growing health consciousness of consumers, the demand for organic produce is rising once again, and we believe independent producers like English Tea Shop play a big role in driving and meeting this demand.


In our view, to avert environmental disaster, the future has to be organic…independent companies have the freedom to invest in this, placing them in prime position as demand continues to grow. That’s why, this year English Tea Shop went 100% organic and we haven’t stopped growing since!


The benefits of going 100% organic reaches way beyond environment and agriculture. There is tangible impact on the lives of those who are at the very bottom of the supply chain, not to mention the opportunity for uncapped growth for businesses through access to the unique products and ingredients.


We’ve always believed in developing intimate and long-lasting relationships with our tea farmers. This entails paying well over the Fairtrade minimum price, offering stable, long-term contracts and providing extensive support and assistance to help them increase the value of crops, and better plan for the future. In return we can access some of the best tea in the world and serve our global clientele.


Recently, we’ve launched the Tea Academy, where we invite farmers and their family members to our factory in Colombo and take them through a journey of how their crops end up in consumer kitchen tables across 50 countries. Through raising awareness of the process and the benefits of organic produce, we hope to encourage the younger generation to continue developing organic farming.

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