Celebrating ingredients – discover the golden goodness of turmeric

Celebrating ingredients - discover the golden goodness of turmeric

With summer time approaching, we wanted to celebrate the joys of the Golden Goodness – turmeric. It has long been identified as one of the wonder spices, with numerous health benefits and a flavour that adds a tantalising taste to tea blends.


Turmeric is a product of Curcuma longa, a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant belonging to the ginger family Zingiberaceae, which is native to tropical South Asia. As many as 133 species of Curcuma have been identified globally.


Spanning back many centuries, Turmeric has played an important role in traditional Eastern Cultures and Ayurvedic medicine. Turmeric is known to fight against cholesterol and triglycerides. It also has incredible power as it improves blood flow through the liver, refining the efficacy of detoxification pathways but also stimulating cellular repair mechanisms in damaged cells.


Our master blenders and organic farmers have used experimental methods to explore turmeric’s textures, undertones and taste over the years, discovering the most innovative and tantalising flavours.


We’ve began using Ceylonese turmeric which is known for its lovely reddish-yellow colour. Ceylon Turmeric contains a higher Curcumin percentage, so it has a very strong aroma, colour and taste.  Some of the blends which will be available to taste soon also use the dry format of turmeric, which has a unique peppery, warm flavour and a mild fragrance.


We couldn’t be more excited to introduce them to you … stay tuned!