Supreme Green - 20 Tea Bag Sachets


A luxurious selection of organic teas specially blended for a superior taste experience. A specially selected assortment for you and your loved ones, boasting deliciously blended flavours from the traditional to the exotic.

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Black Tea - Green Tea - White Tea
Brewing method
Brew time 4-5 Minutes
Brew time
Water temperature 100ºC
Water temperature
Black Tea - Green Tea - White Tea
Brewing method
Brew time 4-5 Minutes
Brew time
Water temperature 100ºC
Water temperature
Botanicals & Infusions
Brewing method
Brew time 3-4 Minutes
Brew time
Water temperature 80ºC
Water temperature
Botanicals & Infusions
Brewing method
Brew time 3-4 Minutes
Brew time
Water temperature 80ºC
Water temperature

Sustainability of our products

As fans of Mother Nature, all of English Tea Shop’s products are carbon neutral certified and are packed in carbon neutral operational facilities, contributing towards a safer and greener planet.

Pyramids packaging

We have made our loose leaf pyramid tea bags from polyester for recycling.

Tins and Trays Range

We have made our tins recyclable and our gifting trays are fully compostable.

Sachets range

We have made our tea bags staple-free and compostable, while our sachets are recyclable.

Whole leaf

Our 80g whole leaf tea pack is fully compostable and is plastic-free certified. The outer packaging is inspired by the famous origami style and the transparent inner pouch is made of GMO-free cellulose fiber for composting. The wooden spoon not only complements you to make the perfect brew but also ensures the freshness of tea by being a bag tightener.

Celebrating Love and Prosperity through Community

Our tea loving community is made up of experts who are passionate about what they do. Here are the stories of just some of the wonderful people who come together to create our flavourful organic teas.


Organic tea made with love and care

From the people who plant your tea to those who pack it, everyone involved cares about creating delicious organic teas for you to enjoy at home.
Our Master Blender has the fantastic job of sampling all the delicious organic ingredients. He then chooses which amazing flavours and aromas blend best to create our unique and tasty teas.
Our team packs the aromatic blends in vibrant sustainable packaging with care. They work in our carbon-neutral certified facilities that meet SGS Covid 19 control measures.

What our community says about us

Get some insight into what it’s like to work with us from the people who make up our tea loving community.

“Working with English Tea Shop has been a great experience. Not only do they pay us a premium price, they also guarantee order levels, which helps my community to flourish. Not only that, they regularly visit our farm and advise us on various organic farming techniques.”

Professor Piyasena Abeygunawardena
Ahinsa Teas

Inspired by a “Celebrating Prajãva” mindset; our key objective has always been to inspire others to run their businesses with a Creating Shared Value model. That is exactly how we have chosen to interact with our farming communities.

Randika Lokugamhewa
Farmer Development Team

I started off my journey as an entrepreneur in 2010 and English Tea Shop is the first brand we had in our arsenal at Nature & Expression. We grew and continued to grow with ETS and embraced the Prajãva mantra.

Cédric Richard
CEO, Nature & Expression, France

One of the most exciting parts of my job is of course developing innovative blends that not only taste good but offer health benefits while having a positive impact on our community.

Sampath Amarasena
Master Blender

Our tea revolution: Impact

Our tea revolution is about creating meaningful change that impacts the lives of everyone in our value chain. We continually strive to find ways to enhance our positive impact on people and the planet.


employee owned


Sri Lanka’s organic tea production exported by us


small-scale farmers work with us directly


acres of land cultivated organically

Explore our story

Read about how our love for the planet, creating communities, and amazing organic teas inspired us to set up English Tea Shop!

More about us
We are very grateful to our passionate community of small-scale organic farmers.
They use farming methods that increase biodiversity, which is great for the planet.
To improve their quality of life, we pay generously, offer training, equipment and more. Our management team spends 1% of their time working with, training, or visiting organic farmer groups around the country.