New Year – New Packaging: Everything you need to know about our rebrand!

New Year – New Packaging: Everything you need to know about our rebrand!

We’re delighted to announce our rebrand which re-vitalises not only our packaging, but how we communicate and connect with all our customers.

Our new packaging design unites our new brandmark, the Teapot and Mandala to create a powerful and seamless design system that celebrates the individuality of our blends and the strength of our range. Every aspect of the packaging has undergone meticulous re-appraisal including our pack copy and the design of the inner pack which carries a beautifully told and illustrated farm to cup story.


Our commitment to celebrating communities from ‘farm to cup’ is extremely prevalent in our new designs and inspired us to refresh the classic tea pot symbol of Englishness and sociability creating our own, unique teapot embellished with our very own farm to cup story.


We have also featured the Mandala, a symbol rich in cultural relevance and steeped in meaning. Each of our Mandalas celebrates the richness and beauty of our organic ingredients, working perfectly in unison and blended harmoniously together.


The celebration of colour in all its glory is a Sri Lankan tradition and has long been at the heart of our brand. This has been amplified in the rebrand, by building on strong colour recognition for core products and introducing exciting new colours. We like to use colour boldly, looking for appropriate combinations to offset our rich ingredient combinations.


It is clear English Tea Shop have a continued focus on building strong relationships with each of the farmers in our community, educating us on various organic farming techniques. On top of the continuous coaching we receive from English Tea Shop and the brand’s dedication to paying the premium price for our harvest, the company has also supplied us with various pieces of farming equipment to increase efficiency in our day to day processes.


Through working alongside English Tea Shop, I have been able to grow my skills in organic farming which has led me to plan for the future. I am hoping to expand my offering and have a multi-crop farm that allows me to expand my business.