Meet the Farmer – Sunil Weeratunga

Meet the Farmer - Sunil Weeratunga

My name is Sunil Weeratunga and I am a farmer from Ranna in the Hambanthota District of Sri Lanka. I’ve been an active member of the English Tea Shop family since 2018 when the addition of new flavours meant I was able to get involved in their supply chain.


English Tea Shop is a long-standing member of our community, but it is only recently that I have had the opportunity to work with them as part of the new and exciting ‘Beetroot, Ginger and Curry Leaves’ blend. Through working alongside English Tea Shop, I have grown to fully appreciate the brand’s dedication to wholeheartedly investing in our local communities through continuing to increase the volume of locally sourced ingredients. This enables me and other farmers to grow, develop and innovate our farming practices and in turn our businesses.


It is clear English Tea Shop have a continued focus on building strong relationships with each of the farmers in our community, educating us on various organic farming techniques. On top of the continuous coaching we receive from English Tea Shop and the brand’s dedication to paying the premium price for our harvest, the company has also supplied us with various pieces of farming equipment to increase efficiency in our day to day processes.

Through working alongside English Tea Shop, I have been able to grow my skills in organic farming which has led me to plan for the future. I am hoping to expand my offering and have a multi-crop farm that allows me to expand my business.