English Tea Shop and Soil Association go back to school

English Tea Shop and Soil Association go back to school

Our relationship with the Soil Association remains special and continues to grow to greater lengths year on year. Our shared values pave way for us to have bigger reach and more profound impact on our communities, and this winter we’re going back to schools to spread our love of organic produce.

The objective of our project is to challenge people’s choice of food and beverages and raise awareness of the importance of making environmentally friendly choices.

The programme will run over the course of a year and will see English Tea Shop provide funding to 38 schools that are signed up with the Food For Life scheme. The scheme will educate and guide students on their food options at school, with each meal being made from ingredients sourced from sustainable farms.

The idea being that through educating the younger generation about the value and importance of making ethical food options, such values will be deeply embedded in their future life choices and consequently safeguard the future of organic produce.

To generate maximum impact, reach and engagement we are linking this activity with a Get Together Event on the 13th of November which coincides with the annual Roast Dinner day. As part of this, schools will invite their local community, friends and family to the school to share a meal with the students. Each meal will be accompanied by cuppa of an English Tea Shop tea.


Through this activation, we want to highlight our commitment to sustainable farming and the ways in which this can have a direct impact of those working in our factory in Sri Lanka, as well as the shared value we create throughout our supply chain. Partnering with the Soil Association gives us the opportunity to influence consumer choices from a very young age, and hopefully motivate them to promote sustainable and Fairtrade products.


With the hashtag #joyinateacup, the schools will share their pictures from the event on social media.