Behind the Blends: Mood-boosting herbal tea

It’s amazing what benefits organic tea can have on our bodies and minds. Filled with ingredients that have long been used in herbal medicine, there are many mood-boosting herbal tea blends available that make us feel good from the inside.


Throughout this ‘Behind the Blend’ series, we’ll delve into different blends and enlighten you on benefits, flavour profiles and perfect pairings.


Why drink herbal tea?

Herbal tea is a simple, refreshing and caffeine-free alternative to your favourite black or green blends. Providing an excellent means to stay hydrated between your daily water intake, herbal blends also give a boost of vitamins and antioxidants.


The ideal pick-me-up during a cold day, herbal tea warms the soul and soothes the senses.


Our top picks: five mood-boosting herbal tea blends

Energising doesn’t always have to mean caffeine. We have a great range of herbal teas that can provide a pick-me-up throughout your day.


First up is Energise Me. This blend has been curated to do exactly as it says. Filled with energising herbs and spices such as peppermint, ginger and cinnamon, this mood-boosting herbal tea is brimming with fragrance. The blend easily kicks your taste buds and it is perfect for a mid afternoon pick-me-up.


The next mood-boosting herbal tea on our list is Turmeric (Curcuma), Ginger & Lemongrass. With its surprisingly light golden colour you would have thought this was a weaker tea, but no, it has a spicy and powerful scent that’s full of refined flavours. It’s a great blend to spice up your day and lift your mood.


If you’re looking for a calming, mood-boosting herbal tea blend, then Chamomile Lavender is the perfect one for you. From reducing stress to helping with sleep, both chamomile and lavender have been known to boost mood and relax after a long day. This tea has a very flowery and sweet smell, with a shiny brass tone. 


Leading with the scent of lemongrass, the aroma of Happy Me freshens the air for an uplifting tea time. The lemongrass adds citrusy tones, whilst apples and oranges contribute sweetness. Married with spices such as ginger root and coriander, this mood-boosting herbal tea blend is a well-balanced brew, suitable for all occasions and perfect combined with spicy food.


Finally, soothe your senses with a cup of Perfect Peppermint. The cool and refreshing properties of mint work as a great remedy to balance emotions and boost mood. Packed with two types of mint, this mood-boosting tea blend gives a punchy character and mellow sweetness. Utterly refreshing, it’s perfect for enjoying after a big meal.


How can herbal tea boost your mood?

There are some great natural ingredients in herbal tea blends that can work to lift your mood. Consumed regularly, you may start to see many benefits, such as: lowered stress and anxiety, reduced symptoms of insomnia, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, plus elevated mood and help with relaxation.


Some key ingredients to look out for include chamomile, lemongrass, peppermint, cinnamon and ginger.


Stay tuned as we go behind the blends month-to-month – there’s plenty more teas to explore!

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