A Cup of Tea with Kanchana: Head of Quality

At English Tea Shop, love for our people and our planet is at the core of everything we do. Join us for regular chats with our employees and associates, to find out a little about them as individuals. First up… a cup of tea with Kanchana, the Head of Quality here at English Tea Shop. We talk quality control, favourite blends and Prajãva.


Your role

Tell us about your role at English Tea Shop. What does your job involve?

I am the Head of Quality at English Tea Shop, which means I’m responsible for implementing and executing inspection and testing protocols and evaluation methods to ensure our products meet standards. I conduct feasibility studies for new products, new management systems and new product certifications as per the market demands. I’m also responsible for adhering to quality, food safety, environment management systems and product certifications.


I’m regularly conducting research on continuous process and product improvements, all whilst ensuring safety, authenticity and legal compliances of the destination country. I execute and coordinate new product developments and efficient testing of products with relevant parties. As part of our value chain, I also conduct knowledge sharing sessions.


What do you love the most about English Tea Shop and the farm-to-cup ethos?

I really enjoy Open Book Management which means financial statements are available to all employees and everyone understands how wealth is created and distributed within the organisation. The friendly working environment is also wonderful!


What does Prajãva or community mean for you?

To me it’s caring, respect and value sharing for stakeholders and eco system, with a focus on a win-win approach for all.


Tell us more about the quality control process at English Tea shop…

It’s important to test products throughout the whole production process. So we test incoming materials, intermediate products and final product for compliances such as: validation and verification process controls, sanitation and hygiene controls, supply chain controls.


What training and support have you been given to ensure you know everything there is to know about tea quality?

I’ve undergone some great training to ensure I know all there is to know for my role at English Tea Shop. My training includes: Organic Integrity, Labelling Requirements, Food Defence, Health and Safety, Vulnerability Risk of Raw Material, Allergen Controls and Food Hygiene.


Your tastes

Are you more of a tea cup or a mug person?

I much prefer a Tea cup.


Do you prefer loose leaf pyramid tea bags, tea bag sachets, or whole leaf tea? 

I tend to go for our loose leaf pyramid tea bags, or the tea bag sachets for ease.


What blend do you reach for when you’re feeling unwell? 

Immune me, always.


What is your favourite ingredient in its natural form, and why?

Ceylon Ginger, Ceylon cinnamon and  Ceylon black pepper and black tea. Those ingredients are guaranteed to energise me throughout the day.


That’s all from Kanchana for now, we hope you enjoyed the read. Do let us know which part of the team you’d like to hear from next. Until then, why not check out information on our new gifting collection, or tracing our supply chain.

All checked for great taste and great quality...