Celebrating ingredients: Discover the benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon in tea

Ceylon Cinnamon in tea

Cinnamon has long been a favourite spice across the globe. Centuries ago, the ingredient was considered a valuable gift for monarchs worldwide and was even used by the ancient Egyptians within mummification. Today, cinnamon is a popular ingredient within tea and with good reason – it’s an incredibly powerful beverage.


Needing an immune system boost? A spice jam-packed with antioxidants, research has suggested that cinnamon may be effective in helping prevent heart disease, cancers and various infections. Studies have also indicated that cinnamon may be beneficial for those who suffer from diabetes.  


Recent research has also shown that the spice may be effective in preventing bacterial and fungal infections and may even have antiviral properties. With this in mind, cinnamon should be towards the top of your list of ingredients when it comes to giving yourself a health-kick.


The origins of Ceylon cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon is a spice that has long been celebrated across Asia. Native to Sri Lanka, the ingredient comes from the richly aromatic inner bark of the Cinnamomum verum tree. The plant itself is a medium-sized, bushy evergreen tree that can reach up to between 7-15 metres in height, whilst its leaves possess a distinct dark green colour and can grow to around 7-18 centimetres in length.


How we sustainably source Ceylon cinnamon

Much like how we farm hibiscus, sustainability is at the heart of our Ceylon cinnamon farming techniques. Sourced from the central hills of Sri Lanka, in regions such as Kandy, Matale and Haputale, the conditions here are perfect for growing the ingredient. With optimal average temperatures of between 20-300C and rainfall of between 1250-2500mm, there is truly no better place for Ceylon cinnamon to be grown.


We believe in creating valuable partnerships with our farmers and that’s exactly what we do through our Ceylon cinnamon production. Directly sourcing from 35 organic farmers, we provide cinnamon plants free of charge to encourage the growth of the crop and create sustainable business models for local communities that can persist for generations to come. English Tea Shop also holds frequent ‘knowledge-sharing sessions’ for our farmers to encourage and provide insight into organic cultivation practices.


Ceylon cinnamon in tea from English Tea Shop

Ceylon cinnamon is one of our favourite spices here at English Tea Shop and can be found in many of our products. You’ll find the spice in our ‘Calm Me’ and ‘Cinnamon, Moringa and Ginger’ blends, as well as our Ceylon cinnamon tea bags. But which product is for you?


Our ‘Calm Me’ blend is perfect for a busy or stressful day. Light silver in colour, the tea is beautifully herby in scent with a soothing taste to match. The punchiness of the spicy cinnamon is complemented by the sweetness of peppermint and liquorice to create an expertly balanced blend.


Cinnamon is undoubtedly the highlight within our ‘Cinnamon, Moringa and Ginger’ blend. Its spiciness is prominent, with the ginger accompanying it in punchy fashion whilst also providing a hint of sweetness. This is contrasted with the moringa which offers a touch of bitterness to the tea. Refreshing and light, this blend is perfect for all occasions, be it a much-needed lift at the start of the day, or to relax as you wind down in the evening.


Want to let the Ceylon cinnamon do the talking alone? Our tea bags are perfect for you. Strong and spicy in fragrance, this is the ideal tea for all lovers of oriental spice. Enjoy at any time.


Stay tuned to the blog as we celebrate more of our favourite organic ingredients over the coming months.

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