Calming Chamomile

Each month at English Tea Shop we’re shining a spotlight on one of our wonderful organic ingredients and this month it’s…chamomile. This beautiful flower produces a delicately floral herbal tea; with a light, mellow taste reminiscent of honey and apple. Chamomile is a versatile tea ingredient, which can be used with other floral ingredients to create a soothing cup of tea, which calms from the first sip. Here at English Tea Shop, we celebrate Chamomile and all it’s unique properties.


Origins of Chamomile 

Chamomile is mostly grown in Egypt and other temperate climates around the world, including India, South America and South Africa. The earliest recorded use of Chamomile for medicinal purposes was in the Ancient Egyptian text known as, Eber’s Papyrus. It was also mentioned in Hippocrates writing and was first used to treat skin conditions like eczema, due to its soothing properties. Later it was utilised tonic form to aid sleep and headaches, Chamomile has been steeped in tea for hundreds of years, as it still is today. 


Health Benefits of Chamomile in Tea

The physical and mental benefits of chamomile are far-reaching. Not only is it relaxing to the body, aiding muscle relief after a long day, but it can also improve sleep by promoting mental relaxation. In addition to this, chamomile aids digestion due to its anti-inflammatory properties and balances blood sugar levels.


How we are sustainably farming/sourcing Chamomile for our teas

We source our organic chamomile from Egypt, as it grows particularly well in this part of the world, supported by the temperate climate. We buy our chamomile from organic farmers who have sustainably farmed the crop. It is a fair-trade-certified ingredient.


Where to find our chamomile

Chamomile is used in our teas for its sweet, calming effect and can be brewed throughout the day, but particularly in the evenings, before bed. You can find our organic chamomile in our classic Chamomile Tea blend, which is naturally caffeine-free and perfectly soothing. You can also find it in our Chamomile and Lavender blend, which is mellow yet floral, perfect for the chamomile lover. 


Where to find us

Remember to look for us in your local Holland & Barrett in the UK, where you can shop our classic Chamomile. Alternatively use our handy online tool to find a seller near you or shop over on our Amazon Store.