Blend of the month – Happy Me

As we move towards Spring, it’s time for us to select a new Blend of the Month. This month, we’ve selected one from our wellness range, Happy Me, a dynamic blend of fruits and spices that is sure to leave you refreshed. Mild yellow in colour, with a fruity aroma, this blend sees the sweetness of its fruity ingredients combine with the zing of the spices to form a perfectly balanced brew that is perfect all year round.


What are the key taste notes? 

Packed full of organic lemongrass, apples and oranges this blend lets its fruit do the talking. The lemongrass and orange provide zesty citrus tones whilst the apples balance this, offering their delicious sweetness. Ginger, coriander and ceylon cinnamon give the blend a slightly mellower touch, whilst also supplying their own injection of spice.


What are the benefits of the ingredients?
As part of our wellness range, the ingredients of this blend are intended to be filled with important nutrients. Originating from a flowering plant native to Southeast Asia, ginger has long been considered one of the healthiest spices that exists. Research has suggested that ginger’s main bioactive compound, gingerol, has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Lemongrass, as well as being incredibly tasty, also has various potential health benefits. Lemongrass tea has often been cited as a go-to remedy for an upset stomach or cramping, but research has also suggested that the essential oils within lemongrass may be effective in promoting a healthy digestive system, by helping protect against gastric ulcers.


Apples are widely known to be a healthy fruit that are rich in essential nutrients. The fruit is an excellent source of vitamin B1, a vital vitamin for growth, whilst also being packed-full of vitamin B6 which is essential for one’s metabolism. With powerful antioxidant properties, research has indicated that the consumption of apples may be effective in protecting against conditions like cancer and heart disease.


How can I buy the blend?
Our Happy Me blend is available in two formats. The first, our pyramid tea bags, created using polyester for recycling. Second, our tea bag sachet range, made staple-free and compostable to also ensure they are recyclable.


Keep an eye on the blog as we continue to celebrate our exciting range of tea blends over the coming months.

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