Blend of the month: Beetroot, Apple & Blueberry

Blend of the month - Beetroot, Apple & Blueberry

As 2023 continues to march on, there is no better time than now to celebrate this month’s Blend of the Month. We’ve selected our Beetroot, Apple and Blueberry blend, a fruity sensation of flavours that is perfect for all occasions. Bright red in colour, with a zesty fruit scent, this blend gives the ideal punchy kick to satisfy your fruit-induced cravings.


What are the key flavour notes?


An eclectic mix of fruity tastes, this blend definitely packs a punch when it comes to flavour. The earthy tones of the beetroot complement the sweetness of the apple and blueberries to provide show-stopping caffeine-free tea full of natural goodness.


What are the benefits of the ingredients?


The ingredients of this blend possess a range of healthy benefits to drive your health-kick this February. Packed with essential nutrients, beetroot is an excellent source of fibre to help aid the digestive process. On top of this, beetroot and its juice have been demonstrated in various studies to have positive cardiovascular effects, such as lowering blood pressure, improving blood flow and driving exercise performance.


Apples are known to be incredibly nutritious, but their health benefits may be more extensive than you originally thought. Containing a starch called pectin, studies have suggested that the consumption of apples may be beneficial for gut health, with the fruit giving you that digestive boost you may need. Research has also linked the consumption of apples to lowering the risk of various chronic conditions, such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.


Blueberries are widely lauded as a ‘super fruit’ and with the range of health benefits it offers, it’s no wonder. Possessing one of the highest antioxidant levels of any fruit or vegetable, blueberries have been found to work towards slowing the ageing process as well as preventing diseases like cancer and cardiovascular conditions. With this in mind, the berries are also linked with lowering oxidative stress, which can help improve brain function and improve memory.


How can I buy it?


Our Beetroot, Apple and Blueberry blend is available in two formats. The first, our pyramid tea bags, created using polyester for recycling. Second, our tea bag sachet range, made staple-free and compostable to also ensure they are recyclable.


Stay tuned to the blog as we continue to celebrate our range of exciting tea blends over the coming months.

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