Two UK premium organic independent tea brands are joining forces to better capitalise on the organic and speciality tea boom.

English Tea Shop, a leading UK-based independent speciality tea company, is today announcing the acquisition of Joe’s Tea Company, a premium lifestyle tea brand based in East London.

Suranga Herath's English Tea Shop is booming - despite Britain's booming love affair with coffee.

Britain is famous for its tea drinkers. But in light of the coffee shop chains crowding every high street and the surging popularity of espresso pods and single origin beans you could be forgiven for thinking we’d abandoned our traditional fondness for a pot of English breakfast.

How English Tea Shop is riding a wave of demand for high-quality, organic food and drink.

Organic is a £2 billion global industry. Suranga Herath, CEO of English Tea Shop, is tapping into the growing interest in high-quality, ethically-sourced produce to grow his £22 million turnover business by 25% this year.

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