My name is Lakshman Chandrakanthan, I’m a farmer from a small village in Balangoda, Sri Lanka. My journey with English Tea Shop begun in 2016 when I first became part of their supply chain – and I haven’t looked back since!

With winter behind us, now’s the time to rejuvenate and embrace the sweet days of spring with a fragrant cup of tea. Whether it’s a fruity tea to tease us with the imminent summer days, or a revitalizing blend to wake up our taste buds, English tea Shop has a range of teas to suit every need. 

Here are some of our spring favourites:

At English Tea Shop, sustainability is so much more than a buzzword, it’s at the heart of everything we do. To give you an idea of what this means in practice, we wanted to take you on a journey from farm to cup to show you how English Tea Shop not only sources the highest quality tea, but helps change lives as it does so.

Few people take the time to truly consider the journey tea takes from farm to cup. At English Tea Shop, we want to change this! We pride ourselves on building extremely close and long-lasting relationships with our organic farmers, without whom our company simply wouldn’t exist. To help celebrate the amazing work our farmers do each and every day, we wanted to give you a peak behind the scenes, and to get to know one of our farmers a little better.

With winter just around the corner, now’s the time to bundle up against the cold with a steaming cup of beautiful tea. Whether it’s a suitably festive blend, a detox for January, or herbal teas to fortify the immune system, English tea Shop has a range of teas to suit every hibernal need. Here are some of our winter favourites:

Two of Britain’s leading independent tea sellers are to join forces as the demand for organic and speciality tea continues to grow.

English Tea Shop is to buy Joe’s Tea Company, a premium organic whole-leaf tea brand that is based in east London and has gained a loyal following of drinkers looking for a “true British brew”.

English Tea Shop, the global independent speciality tea company, has announced a new partnership with Surrey County Cricket Club.

As well as becoming the new sponsor of the club’s Ben Hollioake Learning Centre, the deal will also see English Tea Shop’s range of organic teas and tisanes stocked throughout the ground, in both public and hospitality areas.

Two UK premium organic independent tea brands are joining forces to better capitalise on the organic and speciality tea boom.

English Tea Shop, a leading UK-based independent speciality tea company, is today announcing the acquisition of Joe’s Tea Company, a premium lifestyle tea brand based in East London.

Suranga Herath's English Tea Shop is booming - despite Britain's booming love affair with coffee.

Britain is famous for its tea drinkers. But in light of the coffee shop chains crowding every high street and the surging popularity of espresso pods and single origin beans you could be forgiven for thinking we’d abandoned our traditional fondness for a pot of English breakfast.

How English Tea Shop is riding a wave of demand for high-quality, organic food and drink.

Organic is a £2 billion global industry. Suranga Herath, CEO of English Tea Shop, is tapping into the growing interest in high-quality, ethically-sourced produce to grow his £22 million turnover business by 25% this year.

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