We’re delighted to announce our rebrand which re-vitalises not only our packaging, but how we communicate and connect with all our customers.

Our new packaging design unites our new brandmark, the Teapot and Mandala to create a powerful and seamless design system that celebrates the individuality of our blends and the strength of our range.

By Suranga Herath, CEO, English Tea Shop

The Swedish lifestyle concept has become big news in recent years. First Hygge (cosy) and then Lagom (just enough) have become massively popular, even boosting Sweden to the Top 10 ranking in the World Happiness Report.

This got me thinking – what international concept would most benefit the business world at this moment in time? I’d like to propose the word Prajāva from my native Sri Lanka.

In September, we hosted our first ever Organic Forum discussing the importance of organic farming, educating our fellow community in the hope of becoming an entirely sustainable Sri Lanka.

Our vision of “celebrating communities from farm to cup” has encouraged other businesses and local communities to engage in dialogue on how the Sri Lankan organic industry can move forward to even greater lengths.

We always love to meet new people or catch-up with old friends! Here is a list of all the places we’re going to be at this year – we’d love for you to come and say hi!


• 14-15 November - Natural & Organic Products, Scandinavia Sweden

• 15-16 November - Suranga Herath, CEO, English Tea Shop to speak at National Organic Congress, UK

Sustainably is at the core of English Tea Shop, permeating all aspects of the business. We wanted to share and celebrate every aspect of the production process, from seed to cup, showcasing the incredible work of each and every person involved in the business.

This video brings to life the English Tea Shop story, from the premium tea we enjoy, the soil in which it grows and the farmers who imbue tender loving care into each and every leaf.  

English Tea Shop, a leading UK-based independent specialty and organic tea company hosted its first ever Organic Forum on 17th September 2018, cementing Sri Lanka’s position as an Organic Powerhouse and one of the leading organic farming nations in the world.

We always love to meet new people or catch-up with old friends! Here is a list of all the places we’re going to be at this year – we’d love for you to come and say hi!


• 2 - 4 September 2018 - Speciality Fine Food 2018, London UK

• 17 September 2018 – Organic Forum, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Moringa plant is continuing to grow in popularity, gaining the “superfood” credentials for its highly nutritious profile and powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and tissue-protective properties amongst a host of other benefits.

Often called the “Miracle Tree”, Moringa is one of nature’s most healthy and nutritious foods.

No other hot beverage is used as a gift like tea and the industry has an exciting opportunity to emerge as a favourite in the ‘gift yourself’ and ‘gift your loved ones’ categories.

Ahead of the exciting Christmas season we’ve reworked some of our signature blends that are set to be the firecracker under all Christmas trees.

My name is Angelo, I’m very fortunate to have the exciting role of being the Global Head of Sales at English Tea Shop. I joined English Tea Shop three years ago, but have worked in the tea industry all my life.

Day to day my role is very diverse, I split my time between guiding our brand to growth alongside the senior management team as well as travelling to different markets for sales meetings and spreading the brand awareness to international customers.

Plastics in the sea, straws, billions of unrecyclable coffee cups. 2018 has been the year of environmental sustainability…or at least that’s how it seems.

The tea industry has also had to go through a massive shift in production processes as more and more consumers have become aware of the impact that plastics are having on the world at large.

We’ve long identified women empowerment as one of the focus areas for English Tea Shop. It is vital for us as a business and for the industry at large to continue working towards gender equality and in enabling women to thrive in a business landscape.

As part of driving this agenda forward, we make sure to shine spotlight on the work of our female employees and female farmers that have played an integral part in the success of our business. 

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