My name is Angelo, I’m very fortunate to have the exciting role of being the Global Head of Sales at English Tea Shop. I joined English Tea Shop three years ago, but have worked in the tea industry all my life.

Day to day my role is very diverse, I split my time between guiding our brand to growth alongside the senior management team as well as travelling to different markets for sales meetings and spreading the brand awareness to international customers.

Plastics in the sea, straws, billions of unrecyclable coffee cups. 2018 has been the year of environmental sustainability…or at least that’s how it seems.

The tea industry has also had to go through a massive shift in production processes as more and more consumers have become aware of the impact that plastics are having on the world at large.

We’ve long identified women empowerment as one of the focus areas for English Tea Shop. It is vital for us as a business and for the industry at large to continue working towards gender equality and in enabling women to thrive in a business landscape.

As part of driving this agenda forward, we make sure to shine spotlight on the work of our female employees and female farmers that have played an integral part in the success of our business. 

We always love to meet new people or catch-up with old friends! Here is a list of all the places we’re going to be at for the rest of the year – let’s grab a cuppa!


• 12-15 April 2018 - The London Coffee Festival, London UK

• 22-23 April 2018 - Natural & Organic Products Europe, London UK

My name is Sampath Amarasena and I have the very exciting but unique role of being the Master Blender at English Tea Shop.

Working with an organic brand like English Tea Shop means my focus isn’t solely on making our teas taste great, a large part of my role is creating win-win situations for the business and our independent local farmers.

With summer time approaching, we wanted to celebrate the joys of the Golden Goodness - turmeric. It has long been identified as one of the wonder spices, with numerous health benefits and a flavour that adds a tantalising taste to tea blends.

We always love to meet new people or catch-up with old friends! Here is a list of all the places we’re going to be at this year – we’d love for you to come and say hi!


• 11-15 January 2018 - Atlanta Gift Show, Atlanta USA

• 21-23 January 2018 - Winter Fancy Food Show, San Francisco USA  

Organic producers recognise and understand the long-term impact that farming can have on the environment and global agriculture. Recently, there have been two major stories suggesting an imminent crisis in global agriculture. Firstly, we heard from Bioversity International that 12 major crops – including potatoes, coffee and chocolate – may become extinct in the not too distant future. 

My name is Lakshman Chandrakanthan, I’m a farmer from a small village in Balangoda, Sri Lanka. My journey with English Tea Shop begun in 2016 when I first became part of their supply chain – and I haven’t looked back since!

With winter behind us, now’s the time to rejuvenate and embrace the sweet days of spring with a fragrant cup of tea. Whether it’s a fruity tea to tease us with the imminent summer days, or a revitalizing blend to wake up our taste buds, English tea Shop has a range of teas to suit every need. 

Here are some of our spring favourites:

At English Tea Shop, sustainability is so much more than a buzzword, it’s at the heart of everything we do. To give you an idea of what this means in practice, we wanted to take you on a journey from farm to cup to show you how English Tea Shop not only sources the highest quality tea, but helps change lives as it does so.

Few people take the time to truly consider the journey tea takes from farm to cup. At English Tea Shop, we want to change this! We pride ourselves on building extremely close and long-lasting relationships with our organic farmers, without whom our company simply wouldn’t exist. To help celebrate the amazing work our farmers do each and every day, we wanted to give you a peak behind the scenes, and to get to know one of our farmers a little better.

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