The Power of the Miracle Tree: Discover Moringa

The Moringa plant is continuing to grow in popularity, gaining the “superfood” credentials for its highly nutritious profile and powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and tissue-protective properties amongst a host of other benefits.

Often called the “Miracle Tree”, Moringa is one of nature’s most healthy and nutritious foods. Our master blender has worked alongside local farmers on discovering the best combination both in terms of taste and health benefits to bring to the market.

The leaf itself has a high source of chlorophyll, a green pigment regarded as one of the most beneficial energy-boosting and health-enhancing natural substances known. It is also an important source of natural Iron that helps to increase energy and regenerate red blood cells to prevent anaemia.

After hours of experimenting with the leaf and its unique textures and taste, we’ve created a tantalizing blend Revive Me which doesn’t just benefit from a wealth of health benefits but sparks the taste buds of all.

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