Nourish yourself this Spring with Beautiful and Mama Me

Mama Me

As part of the wellness range, Mama Me infuses a multitude of organic ingredients such as cinnamon, chamomile, nettle, fennel, beetroot, orange peel, blackcurrant and blueberry. This carefully selected blend of ingredients helps to settle stomach discomfort, making it ideal for new mums and mums-to-be seeking a delicate wellness kick.

As usual each and every ingredient has been organically and sustainably produced to deliver a delicious mineral rich way to assist hydration.


Beautiful Me

This sophisticated blend of organic herbs, fruit and spices have been specifically chosen to benefit the female form and enhance balance between the mind and body. With floral hints of organic hibiscus and rose petal, Beautiful Me contains the psychologically healing gotu kola, also known as Pennywort along with chamomile, cinnamon, cocoa, rooibos, orange peel, beetroot and cranberry juice.


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