Tea on tour!

We recently made a debut in the travel retail sector at TFWA Singapore (the duty-free and travel retail Asia Pacific Summit). Whilst we’ve experienced remarkable international growth to date, we strongly believe that the next chapter of our story will have a big focus on capitalising on the travel retail market.

Like many other sectors, travel retail has a strong emphasis on authentic provenance and sustainability, values that are central to our business. Following the holistic rebrand in 2018, we are now in a stronger position to evolve in that market.

At TFWA, we were able to showcase our new eco-friendly gifting and build those very important connections within travel retail industry. The summit was an excellent platform to spread awareness about our healthy, organic products, whilst sharing the story of our brand and the sense of community that we value.

Our focus over the next couple of years is maximising visibility within the travel retail industry. We have already started this in the EU and UK markets, so we are very excited by the premise of moving further afield.

The travel retail sector is ripe with opportunities, and progressive with regards to trends. For instance, the idea of ‘destination boxes’, which is something that confectionary producers have launched. This area is one that we will aim to trial in the future, alongside offering exclusive lines with airline operators.

As we embark on this journey, we will also be investing in tech solutions that enhance the customer experience, starting with our very own app. 

See you at the airport lounge near you!

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