Meet our taste guru

My name is Sampath Amarasena and I have the very exciting but unique role of being the Master Blender at English Tea Shop.

Working with an organic brand like English Tea Shop means my focus isn’t solely on making our teas taste great, a large part of my role is creating win-win situations for the business and our independent local farmers.

Day to day my role is very diverse. I spend my time visiting the plantations to meet with our local farmers to ensure that our teas and ingredients are sourced in sustainable ways. I then go through new samples and batches of incoming teas to ensure that the quality of our teas is of the highest standard across the board.

The most exciting part of my job is of course coming up with innovative blends and our future products that not only taste good, but offer health benefits and have a positive impact on our local community.

How do we come up with new blends? Well, the key is to experiment with various ingredients and regions. We have to make sure that we respect the environment and traditions but experimental methods are key to creating unique blends and tantalising recipes.

We begin the innovative process by mixing the selected organic ingredients in our tea lab to create unique and small hand blends, and letting them mature for a full day. This allows for the flavours to burst with flavour. After some time we steep, infuse, sniff, and taste until we are happy with the taste! 

From our years of experience in creating speciality tea blends, we’ve gathered extensive knowledge of organic suppliers and ingredients which help us to come up with new tantilising flavours that continue to please our customers globally whilst developing long-lasting relationships with the farmers who grow our tea in Sri Lanka.

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