Insights from our first-ever Organic Forum

In September, we hosted our first ever Organic Forum discussing the importance of organic farming, educating our fellow community in the hope of becoming an entirely sustainable Sri Lanka.

Our vision of “celebrating communities from farm to cup” has encouraged other businesses and local communities to engage in dialogue on how the Sri Lankan organic industry can move forward to even greater lengths.

The forum was attended by over 150 delegates across businesses, local farms as well as research and educational institutes. Key takeaways from the day included the level of innovation involved in organic farming, in that every challenge in organic farming is seen as an opportunity. For instance weeds are used as a resource in the running of farms, as opposed to being seen as a nuisance and disposed of.

The keynote speech was delivered by Lee Holdstock, Trade Relations Manager at Soil Association, which addressed the journey of the organic industry to date. He spoke of the unique ways to ensure sustainability in organic farming as it is completely self-sufficient. This means all aspects of wildlife, from bees to weeds, are used to manage the farms - nothing is sourced from external organisations. Lee also spoke about Sri Lanka’s position in the organic production cycle, highlighting the importance of pushing the country forward to becoming entirely organic.

During the event, industry leaders were invited to partake in a panel discussion. One of the key insights shared from this discussion was that the organic businesses and certifiers should play a much more serious role in improving integrity & transparency across the value chain and strive to improve the livelihood of organic farming communities in the developing world.

Our CEO, Suranga Herath said: “The discussions throughout the day were extremely fruitful, it was a pleasure to host leaders across the numerous sectors to discuss the importance of organic farming and the role our beautiful country of Sri Lanka can play in this. There is so much left to do, but I believe that collectively we will take the organic industry to even greater lengths”

The Forum was a great success, giving us the perfect platform for cementing Sri Lanka’s position as an Organic Powerhouse and one of the leading organic farming nations in the world.

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